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There are many reasons for having a private mailbox.
Perhaps you live in shared accommodation and you are not sure that your personal mail is safe.
Maybe you a sole proprietor and don't want to have business mail sent to your private address as it look unprofessional.
Maybe you are working abroad or are an ex-pat who still needs a British address for post. or maybe you just want to keep your private address exactly that, PRIVATE.
Whatever your reason, Mailboxes at Chillington can accept mail and small parcels on your behalf and store them until it is convenient for you to collect them.
As we are a small family operated business we can provide a service that is both discreet and professional.

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Never have to attend on site

We will accept all mail (up to A4 size) and small parcels on your behalf.  We scan and email by encrypted email to your email address, or we can forward by Royal Mail.  We can forward all parcels to your chosen address.  Rental price will not increase during any continuous rental term.


Physical Mailbox at our Site

We will receive all mail (up to A4 size) and small parcels on your behalf.  All mail will be placed in your physical mailbox and you will be notified of arrival by your chosen method (SMS or email).  You will be able to have up to 4 names listed on this type of account.  All mail and parcels are kept safely until you are able to collect them.  You can however, opt to have items forwarded to your chosen address.  Rental price will not increase during any continuous rental term


One low price for a year

If you know that you will only receive a very small amount of mail, then this is the option for you.  Pay one flat rate for the year and then pay for each item that we receive on your behalf.

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